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Trump Administration Threaten To Play Hardball In GOP Primaries

Stern Talk
So, you know what they say about the Trump Train - get on board, or get hit...

This Monday’s, on Fox News, Katrina Pierson gets badly slammed by Fox News host Neal Cavuto, in her efforts to accuse Heller of “governing as a Democrat.”

Pierson is amongst the group that is running ads against Sen. Dean Heller and was of the view that the group solely targeted Heller of his opposition to the President’s Healthcare plan.

“This is the one thing that particularly Republican primary voters care most about…” Katrina stated.

“Wait a minute Katrina,” Cavuto intervened, “He’s looking at something that isn’t markedly different than the one it replaces, he’s he’s just saying I think we can do better, right?”

“And we probably can do better,” she responded, “but here’s the thing…”

“You’re already threatening the guy,” he exclaimed, “saying ‘if you go ahead with this we’re gonna primary your ass,’”

“Obamacare is gone, one way or the other,” she retorted, “Republicans did not have a plan to put up at the very beginning, there is a plan now. This is a vote to move the process forward, this is not the actual plan that’s going to be in place, they’re making revisions as we speak.”

Cavuto responded, “but how can you do that under the threat of ‘we’re gonna primary you if you don’t go along with what we say’? That sounds like a bad Tony Soprano episode.”

“Well actually, it’s just an accountability issue,” Pierson argued.

“You won’t have accountability for all these others and you don’t,” Cavuto said, “You have accountability for him because he’s the most vulnerable. That’s not fair, that’s not right, and you know it.” He then went on to list five other senators that had claimed to not support the bill.

“It looks like you’re picking and choosing who you wanna screw here, and it looks like this guy is fair game!” Cavuto concluded. “And you either go along with us, or we’re going to primary you out, even if it means risking losing the Senate in the process. You oughta look at cutting off your nose to spite your face.”


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