BLM demands Jesus statues torn down

Even Jesus Christ isn't safe from the woke mob. In a shocking Twitter rant, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun...
face masks

Oregon: only white people must wear masks

A new directive to require masks from Lincoln County, Oregon, is raising some eyebrows... because it only requires white people to comply.
black lives matter

SHOCK: Most African-Americans don’t support “Black Lives Matter”

If you say, "All Lives Matter," to a white liberal, they're likely to call you racist. But say it...
aunt jemima

Aunt Jemima’s great-grandson livid over rebrand

Last week, Quaker Oats announced they would retire the Aunt Jemima brand of pancake mix and syrup, saying that the brand was...
stores reopen

Retail has best month ever as stores reopen

Retail sales skyrocketed in May 2020--giving retail their best month-over-month growth ever. Overall, retail sales jumped 17.7 percent compared...

Americans are unhappiest in 50 years

2020 has been a rough year for Americans. In fact, more Americans are unhappy than they've been in nearly...
mural defaced

Black Lives Matter mural defaced… by far-left activists

The large, iconic, yellow letters spelling out "BLACK LIVES MATTER" in front of the White House were defaced after one day... by...
Kathy Griffin

Liberal comedian makes bizarre Trump death threat

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin hasn't learned her lesson. Years after Griffin was "cancelled" for a guesome photo depicting her...
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar backs violent riot

Riots, looting, and arson consuming much of Minneapolis on Wednesday night. Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who represents the...
sad democrat

Poll: Liberals more miserable and lonely than conservatives

Democrats are more worried, scared, and lonely than Republicans. At least, that's what a new Gallup poll says.

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