Media stirring panic with phony Coronavirus footage

CBS News has been caught faking Coronavirus footage… seemingly in order to make the pandemic in the United States look worse than...

Liberal environmentalists hastening the spread of Coronavirus

Liberal environmental policies are out the window in some of the most left-wing cities in America... because they're hastening the spread of...
cruise ship

Venezuela loses naval battle against a cruise ship

A Venezuelan Navy patrol vessel sank in the Caribbean... after losing a battle against a cruise ship. On March...

Nickelodeon caught promoting transgenderism to kids

Nickelodeon is now pushing transgenderism on kids. On March 31, the kids' TV network tweeted an image of a...
Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center could lose stimulus over shady layoffs

This week, news broke that the Kennedy Center had laid off 95 staff members--just hours after Congress voted to give them $25...

Liberals mock Christian CEO… for producing medical masks

Liberals have constantly said that wealthy corporations should do more to help the American people. Now that one Christian,...

Angry countries reject “charity” from China

European countries have started turning on China. Authorities in Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands have rejected Chinese-made medical supplies,...
Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center pockets Coronavirus “stimulus,” fires workers

Last week, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal left demanded that the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington get $25 million...
coronavirus death

CONFIRMED: China’s lying about Coronavirus death count

Wuhan residents have new proof that China is still lying about Coronavirus... by downplaying the number of cases and deaths in their...

NY Gov’s “prison-made hand-sanitizer” revealed to be a big scam

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is attracting praise from the far-left over his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic that's ravaging his state.

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