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Donald Trump

CNN Sues Trump Administration

CNN is upset that one of their reporters, Jim Acosta, had his press credential removed after a verbal battle with the president and allegedly...


Home Invasion

Defend Republicans And ANTIFA Could Show Up At Your House

Politics has always been a nasty game, but there was a line of respect that...
Angry Caller

Liberal Reporter Forgets To Hang Up, Leaves Nasty Voicemail

A liberal reporter accidentally betrayed her bias... when she forgot to hang up the phone...

Democrats Bet On Last Minute Insult Blitz To Bring Them Victory On Tuesday

In the age of Trump, Saturday Night Live has become the standard for liberal comedy...


Robert Mueller

Mueller Set For More Indictments This Week. Is Trump Next?

It looks like Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is going to bring new indictments this week. Bloomberg is...
Nancy Pelosi

Democrats Winning Again, But Will They Mess It Up?

Election Day didn’t provide the big blue wave that Democrats were hoping for, but they did win the House. Now are they going to...

One Small Step for Members, One Giant Leap for Civility

This opinion piece went to press before the results of yesterday’s voting were known.  But regardless of who will serve as the country’s next...


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