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tulsa rally

Trump campaign turns on itself after disastrous Tulsa rally

President Trump's first coronavirus rally was a poorly-attended disaster--and now, his team is already starting to turn on each other.



BLM demands Jesus statues torn down

Even Jesus Christ isn't safe from the woke mob. In...
face masks

Oregon: only white people must wear masks

A new directive to require masks from Lincoln County, Oregon, is raising some...
black lives matter

SHOCK: Most African-Americans don’t support “Black Lives Matter”

If you say, "All Lives Matter," to a white liberal, they're likely to...


supreme court

Have Democrats Finally Intimidated Conservatives On The Supreme Court?

As the Supreme Court nears the end of its 2019-2020 term, it is becoming increasingly questionable whether the “conservative majority” that Trump...
business in china

American companies leaving China in droves

Coronavirus could destroy China's booming economy, as businesses pick up and move out of China. According to Forbes' Kennth...
coronavirus cure

BREAKING: Cure for Coronavirus Found?

Doctors in South Korea have stumbled upon a highly effective treatment for Coronavirus: chloroquine, an existing anti-malaria drug. On...


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