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Ukraine President

Michael Cohen Helped Trump Collude With Ukrainian Agents?

Allegations were flying yesterday that Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s embattled lawyer, was paid $400,000 by the Ukrainian government to arrange talks with the President. The...


Pathetic Slacker

Parents Pushed To Extreme To Boot Lazy Manchild Son

The parents of a lazy 30-something Syracuse basement dweller are finally doing something to get...

NFL Hands Trump Major Victory

The NFL has given in to President Trump—and announced that players will be required to...
Born Killer

MS-13 Member Named “Animal” Jailed For Killing Little Boy

Just a week ago, President Trump faced huge backlash from the left for calling MS-13...


Burning Documents

FBI To Ask Strzok and Page To Preserve Records – Will They Listen?

Court orders production of 13,000 pages of Strzok/Page emails – Court agrees to FBI’s two-year production schedule The Justice Department informed Judicial Watch late last...
Hawaiian Volcano

Hawaii Volcano More Damaging Than Experts Feared

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano first started spewing lava into residential areas several weeks ago. In that time, the discharged lava has obliterated entire acres worth...
Fence Jumper

Arizona Border Ranchers Living In Fear Of Illegal Immigrant Hordes

More than half a million illegal immigrants of several dozen nationalities have been apprehended on John Ladd’s sprawling cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona. Ladd...


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