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photo op

Christian leaders destroy Trump over “photo ops”

Could this be the end of Christian support for President Trump? President Trump caused a major firestorm on Tuesday...


Kathy Griffin

Liberal comedian makes bizarre Trump death threat

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin hasn't learned her lesson. Years after...
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar backs violent riot

Riots, looting, and arson consuming much of Minneapolis on Wednesday night.
sad democrat

Poll: Liberals more miserable and lonely than conservatives

Democrats are more worried, scared, and lonely than Republicans. At...


business in china

American companies leaving China in droves

Coronavirus could destroy China's booming economy, as businesses pick up and move out of China. According to Forbes' Kennth...
coronavirus cure

BREAKING: Cure for Coronavirus Found?

Doctors in South Korea have stumbled upon a highly effective treatment for Coronavirus: chloroquine, an existing anti-malaria drug. On...
Adam Kokesh

The Second Coming of Sam Adams

Most Americans think Sam Adams was a dedicated brew master, while he was a “malter” (yet not a very good one), students of history...


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