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racist coronavirus

Top Democrats think Coronavirus is “racist”

Top Democrats are playing the race card... over a virus. A letter signed by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Cory...



Media stirring panic with phony Coronavirus footage

CBS News has been caught faking Coronavirus footage… seemingly in order to make...

Liberal environmentalists hastening the spread of Coronavirus

Liberal environmental policies are out the window in some of the most left-wing...
cruise ship

Venezuela loses naval battle against a cruise ship

A Venezuelan Navy patrol vessel sank in the Caribbean... after losing a battle...


coronavirus cure

BREAKING: Cure for Coronavirus Found?

Doctors in South Korea have stumbled upon a highly effective treatment for Coronavirus: chloroquine, an existing anti-malaria drug. On...
Adam Kokesh

The Second Coming of Sam Adams

Most Americans think Sam Adams was a dedicated brew master, while he was a “malter” (yet not a very good one), students of history...
Donald Trump

Trump is Becoming the Leader America Desperately Needs

To the frustration of some friends and many family members, I haven’t been a fan of President Trump. While I support the President over Congress,...


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