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President Trump

Stormy Daniels Loses Trump Lawsuit, Owes Trump Big Bucks

Porn star Stormy Daniels sued President Trump for defamation… but now, a court has ruled that she’s the one who owes him money. Judge S....


Rap Artist

Rapper Releases Shocking Video That Seems To Depict First Lady Stripping

Rapper T.I. did not like it when Kanye West visited with Trump in the Oval...

Left Taking Hillary’s Call-To-Arms Seriously, Recent Attack Just “Beginning”

Last week Hillary Clinton sat down with CNN and said that Democrats cannot be “civil”...
Shocked Reaction

African-Americans Demand Action Over CNN’s Racist Anti-Kanye Segment

Prominent African-Americans are demanding CNN fire ‘CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon—after a racist segment about...


Money Grab

Michael Avenatti Fundraises For Beto O’Rourke… But There’s A Catch

Michael Avenatti, the so-called “creepy porn lawyer” who represents Stormy Daniels and widely-discredited Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, is back on the campaign trail. Avenatti shared...
Donald Trump

Is The Leaderless Left Losing Ground Ahead Of Midterms?

Democrats are doing everything they can to win the House and possibly the Senate during the midterms, but as a leaderless party, are they...
Releasing Prisoner

State’s Unique Bail System Designed To Release Violent Criminals

A Judicial Watch investigation has uncovered disturbing records about Massachusetts’ unique bail system, which allows violent criminals with lengthy rap sheets—including murderers, domestic abusers...


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