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Pirate Radio

FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones’ Radio Station

Conservative provocateur Alex Jones has been kicked off of most major social media outlets--but now, the federal government is shutting down his radio station. The...



Transgender Governor Candidate Attacks Christians

Christine Hallquist, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Vermont and the first transgender nominee for...
Gay Hairdresser

Fashion Star Slammed For Admitting “Not All Republicans Are Racists”

“Queer Eye” star is a vocal member of the left, but is now in the...
Andrew Cuomo

NY Gov In Damage Control Mode After Saying America “Was Never That Great”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is in full damage-control mode... after comments he made...



Dems Are Just Being Weird And It’s Getting Out Of Hand

The hate for Trump is real. There are many on the left that just hate and despise everything our president does and things are...
Canada Wall

Is Canada Going To Build A Wall Too?

Canada is having a major problem controlling it’s southern border from a slew of migrants crossing into the country illegally. Fox News published an article...
Xi Jinping

Who Benefits Most from Washington’s Obsession with Russia?

In my work as both an attorney and as a legislator (I served as a Member of Congress from 1995 to 2003), a key...


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