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Future Election

David Hogg Declares Run For Congress

Anti-gun activist and Parkland, Fla., high school student David Hogg is planning a run for Congress. The eighteen-year-old provacateur plans to run for office in...


MTV Comedian

VMAs Devolve Into Anti-Trump Hatefest

Another day, another award ceremony that devolved into an anti-Trump hate fest: this time, the...
Rep Hastings

Democratic Congressman Opens Rally With Trump Death Joke

A Democratic Congressman warmed up a crowd at a rally--by making a joke about President...

Transgender Governor Candidate Attacks Christians

Christine Hallquist, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Vermont and the first transgender nominee for...


Bull Market

Record For Longest Bull Market In Stocks Set To Break This Week

Donald Trump will be able to add another feather in his cap this week as the record for the longest ever bull market in...

Dems Are Just Being Weird And It’s Getting Out Of Hand

The hate for Trump is real. There are many on the left that just hate and despise everything our president does and things are...
Canada Wall

Is Canada Going To Build A Wall Too?

Canada is having a major problem controlling it’s southern border from a slew of migrants crossing into the country illegally. Fox News published an article...


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