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Fake News

Time Magazine “Crying Honduran Child” Exposed As A Big Lie

Time Magazine released an arresting cover depicting a crying young girl who was, seemingly, one of the kids separated from her parents at the...



Top ISIS Recuriter Gets Himself Sentenced To Jail – To Recruit More Terrorists

A few days ago, an Ohio man was sentenced to 16 years in the federal...

Racial Tensions: Black Woman Targets White Bus Passengers

A black woman on a Gaithersburg, MD bus screeched that she hates "white people" before...

David Hogg Goes After Laura Ingraham Again

David Hogg, the Parkland student who became a liberal activist, is going after Laura Ingraham…...



A Penny For Your Thoughts? Not For Much Longer!

Pennies are a useless waste of the government's resources. Zinc is getting more expensive to mine, and the zinc blanks that we use to make...
Explosive Scan

Muslims Smuggling Through US Airports After Landing Special Security Access

Years after Judicial Watch exposed the Obama administration’s special behind-the-scenes tours for Somali Muslims at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, millions of dollars in cash are being...
Gang Violence

MS-13 Gang Infiltrating Middle Schools Across Nation

A violent street gang energized by the steady flow of illegal immigrant minors is terrorizing a public middle school less than 10 miles from...


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