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Nuns Busted After Stealing $500,000 From School

Naughty Nun!

Two nuns from the St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California were busted for stealing $500,000 to fund vacations and casino trips.

So far auditors have discovered the nuns were able to embezzle a half a million dollars by using an old account the school had set up years ago. The nuns who deposited checks from tuition and donations used the forgotten account for several years.

The nuns were best friends and took trips on the dime of the school and nobody noticed a thing until one person asked for a copy of a check. The school discovered the check was never deposited into the schools account.

Sister Mary Margaret Keuper and Sister Lana Chang both have claimed responsibility and have offered to pay back the money. The archdiocese is not going to charge the women with the crime, but expect the money to be returned.

The school hired an independent forensic auditor to investigate the embezzlement and have found that the two nuns had been pulling the scam for over a decade. According to repots, the two nuns were using the school’s account as their own personal bank.

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The nuns had worked at the school for28 years and the older women now have to figure out how to pay back almost $500,000.

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