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Don’t Have Money For Prestigious Universities? Do This Instead And Make More

Student Debt
If only there was a better choice!

If you don’t have the grades or finances to go to Cambridge or Oxford, you can become a reality TV star and make more money over your lifetime than you would with a quality education.

According to economics consultancy Frontier, the average Oxford graduate will make over a million dollars in their lifetime. In the UK, the average contestant on the reality show Love Island can make over $1.4 million in their lifetime.

Reality stars may or may not win cash as part of their show, but they can cash in on the fame from being on TV.

Many reality stars rake in the dough by getting paid for sponsorships, appearances and even paid to post about businesses on social media.

Today people are glued to their devices and screens all over the world. Fifty years ago, education was the only way that the average person could get the skills they needed to make a good income.

In today’s age, being a celebrity is paying a lot of bills. People don’t just have to be on a TV show to be famous. Now there are YouTube celebrities, Facebook celebrities and Instagram stars.

Donald Trump turned his celebrity and reality TV stardom into a political career that earned him the highest office in the world.

Education still plays a critical roll in our society, but the lure of fun and easy money with reality TV and Internet fame is changing our perception of the importance of expensive colleges. A college education is not the only pre-requisite to be rich anymore.

What are your thoughts? Would you rather be on a reality TV show and become a celebrity or have an Oxford education? Let us know in the comments below.


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