china virus

City declares “Chinese virus” to be “hate speech”

San Antonio's far-left City Council has declared the term "Chinese Virus" to be "hateful speech." According to investigative reporter...
First Responders

AOC attacks company for honoring first-responders

Far-left socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) apparently has a problem with a company showing a little love to health workers and first...
trump jr

Donald Trump Jr. makes incredible offer to this Texas bride… after her “really sad”...

Donald Trump Jr.--the oldest son of President Trump--is earning huge praise... after offering to walk a woman he doesn't even know down...
nyc mayor

NYC mayor blames the Jews for spreading coronavirus

In a tweet right out of Nazi Germany, New York City's far-left mayor, Bill de Blasio, is blaming the Jews for spreading...

Czech Republic demolishes China with one simple action

The Czech Republic just delivered a huge smackdown to Chinese censorship... by putting up placards geared towards Chinese tourists, warning about the...

AOC: Workers should “just say no” to jobs

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) thinks Americans should boycott going back to work... even after the economy reopens. In...
trans surgeries

Government bans trans surgeries for kids

Good sense prevailed in the United Kingdom... after the government announced a ban on "gender confirmation" surgeries for kids under 18.

Trump wins money fight against Harvard

Guess Harvard University isn't as smart as President Trump. Under the CARES Act, which was passed by Congress at...
government extremism

Young Californians strike back against government extremism in an unexpected way

Over the weekend, California authorities punitively dumped literal tons of sand into two beachside skate parks... in an effort to enforce "social...
facebook bans

Facebook bans anti-lockdown protesters

Think the government's being too heavy-handed in their coronavirus lockdown? Well, don't try to rally people on Facebook.

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