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Will The Oregon Occupation End Like Waco?

In 1993, the ATF and the FBI, with assistance from the U.S. Military, raided and burned the Mount Carmel Center in Waco, Texas.

The Center, founded in 1955, was home to a religious group that earned money from the legal buying and selling of firearms.

76 men women and children were killed under the leadership of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.

A year later to the day, a federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed in retaliation by Timothy McVeigh.

Today, a little under half of Americans recall the Waco siege and burning that took place nearly 23 years ago, yet Americans are gathering in Oregon and have taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – renaming the visitor’s center they have occupied to the Harney County Liberty Center.

The takeback of federal lands in Oregon is led by Ammon Bundy, whose family was involved in a similar incident last year in Nevada with federal authorities.

The Bundys survived their standoff with the Bureau of Land Management and have taken to supporting ranchers and other Americans across the country who have had their livelihood taken by federal powers.

Encouraged by the support they received in Nevada, Ammon Bundy has led the “Oregon Occupation,” yet has provided no specific terms for the government that would end the occupation.

While the FBI is on the scene in Oregon, they have kept their distance from the armed, yet peaceful, group. The approach by the feds is similar to the near two-month standoff in Waco.

Watch for the government to use increasingly aggressive tactics against the protesters.

In 1993, the government started with a media campaign to convince the public that the Branch Davidians were cult members led by an insane, child molesting leader (which has been argued).

The aggression increased to psychological warfare with non-stop broadcasts over load speakers of jets, horrible pop music and even rabbits being slaughtered.

Then the Bradley Fighting Vehicles lined up for the assault.

In Oregon, the feds have already labeled Ammon and the group as “Militia” – a negative term the government has associated with extremists and racists of all sorts.

Will Ammon Bundy and the other Americans who are defending freedom survive in the end?


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