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What Is The Solution For Hollywood Pervs Like Andy Dick?

Hollywood Celebrity
Locking up these kinky freaks is too good for them - they are probably into it!

Remember Andy Dick?

Yeah, the weird comedian guy with a string of run-ins with the law? The serial groper who once exposed his genitalia on stage at a comedy club? The guy that licked Farah Fawcett’s face at the roast of William Shatner?

Well, he’s been arrested and charged with misdemeanor and sexual battery, and misdemeanor simple battery.

Allegedly, he groped a woman’s butt as he passed her on the street, not once but twice.

He also made lewd comments.

This is just another in a long string of criminal things Andy Dick has done, and it comes after his wife filed a restraining order against his and told reporters she was frightened by his heavy drinking and violent outbursts.

Among Andy Dick’s other infamous crimes and misdemeanors are several drug charges, including a DUI for wrapping his car around a light pole in Hollywood in the late 90’s. This is also not the first time he’s been arrested for sexual battery; ten years ago he attacked a 17 year old girl by pulling down her tank top and bra. After the collared him in that incident, cops found weed and Xanax in his pants.

He got out of those charges with a $700 fine, three years of probation, and a year in an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. In 2010 he groped again, this time in West Virginia, where after the case dragged on for two years he was finally allowed to walk by prosecutors who agreed to dismiss charges if Dick would stay out of trouble for six months.

All this to say, this is not the first time Andy Dick has groped someone. He is, in fact, something of a serial groper. Inappropriate touching is sort of his thing, actually.

He even made an attempt on Ivanka Trump in 2007 on an episode of Kimmel. Jimmy had to have the guards drag him off the set when he wouldn’t stop making creepy physical contact with Ivanka. Of course this was back when Jimmy Kimmel still loved to have the Trumps on his program, before he became their most outspoken (and maudlin) critic.

I mean, Andy Dick has publicly exposed himself so many times it’s become unsurprising. It’s just his thing. He licks people. He’s been in and out of rehab at least 20 times.

There really is just no hope for this guy, at all, even a little.

And yet what can you do about it? We live in a society where liberal creeps can get away with behavior like this. The powerful ones who prefer to do it in secret, like Harvey Weinstein, get away with it by forcing Hollywood to close ranks and shun anybody who steps up. But those days may be coming to an end now. (Unlikely, actually. People will forget Weinstein and the casting couch won’t ever leave Hollywood. It’s a dirty, sick town.)

But people like Andy Dick, who takes refuge in his own pitifulness, who is so dysfunctional he more or less can’t function as a human being, may actually be even better at getting away with creepy behavior. No matter how many times they make a crazy scene, they’ll still get bookings. Because Hollywood thrives on spectacle.

What can society do with Andy Dick? His crimes, while heinously creepy, do not rise to the level of felonies. We can’t lock him up, and he knows that. So now he’ll almost certainly pay a few fines, do a little probation, and grope another poor girl in a year or two.

Just goes to show rich libs can really get away with almost anything.


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