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Watch What Happens When Black Lives Matter Thugs Attack An NFL Veteran

Black Lives Matter

Former offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, Chris Brymer, is well known in Victorville, California . . . mainly because he’s a homeless veteran of the NFL.

The 41 year-old played a season with the NFL as well as playing in the XFL and NFL Europe.

Following his athletic career, Brymer formed a mortgage loan company that was hit hard by the recession and the 6’3”, 300 pound California native was forced into soup kitchens and homelessness.

Knowing his background in football, four African American thugs decided to see how tough the former NFL player was and decided to jump him at a bus station as he waited peacefully.

It didn’t end well for the black youth, but showing incredible restraint, Brymer walked away from the fight after easily knocking one of thugs on his butt . . twice.

It’s unlikely they would have shown the same compassion if the former athlete were not able to hold his own.

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