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Washington statue toppled in Oregon riot

George Washington statue
Photo Credit: Joe Mabel

A group of leftist protests tore down a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday night.

The statue, which had been heavily graffitied, had stood on the property of the German American Society.

Overall, about 30 to 40 people took place in the destruction of the statue.

The vandals are not believed to be directly related to a number of protests that occurred across the city on Thursday night.

Statues, however, have emerged as a flashpoint in the moral panic surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Initially, leftist protesters advocated removing statues of Confederate leaders, calling them inappropriate and offensive in a modern context.

Though many of those statues have been removed, it wasn’t enough for some.

Earlier this week, the city of Berkeley, California, announced they would rename two schools named after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson–slaveowners who had served as the first and third President of the United States.

In Boston, the city council agreed to remove an “offensive” statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was a replica of a Washington statue that had been paid for by freed slaves.

It’s unclear whether the German American Society will replace the statue of George Washington.


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