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Walmart Places ‘Back To School’ Sign In The Worst Place Possible

Walmart is in hot water over the placement of a sign, making guns look like ‘back to school’ items.

The image, which went viral on social media, features a Walmart store that had guns on display in a glass case with a sign over it that reads, “Own the school year like a hero.”

The retail giant has issued several warnings since then. They called the display as “truly awful” and “horrible” and went on to promise that will ensure that the display gets taken down immediately.

A spokesperson, Charles Crowson spoke on behalf of the retail chain and expressed that they are “not happy” with what had happened and that they are “working diligently” to locate the store where this was displayed.

Leeana May, who took the viral photo says that she had taken the photo during an early morning shopping trip to the Walmart in Evansville this past Wednesday. She added that the displayed was placed near the sporting goods section and immediately caught her attention. She was very displeased, because,” We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns.”

The response on social media ran the gamut from shock to disbelief.  “It’s not ok because of Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, UCC and all the other school shootings,” Michelle Parker tweeted. However, some people believed that the display could perhaps be a stunt by a customer. “A random customer picked up a sign and propped it on a gun case for giggles,” Matthew Edmund stated on Twitter. “That’s almost certainly how it happened.”

“That’s exactly right, and as usual I would bet it’s the person taking the picture,” another user on Twitter stated. “The left does this stuff CONSTANTLY.”

The Evansville Walmart took quick action, tweeting on Wednesday that, “Our store manager Christina has removed the sign from the display. Thanks again for alerting us to this –Vik.”

This isn’t the first time that Walmart had faced severe criticism over a display. It was only last September that a Walmart in Panama City Beach caused outrage by stacking boxes of Coca-Cola to resemble to the World Trade Center in their efforts to commemorate 9/11.


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