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Wall To Get Built With Pentagon Budget?

...just a couple construction workers heading off to the job site!

President Trump is pushing for the Pentagon to fund the construction of the Wall, as a way to bypass the partisan funding squabbles of Congress.

The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump made the case to advisors a week ago, saying the Wall was a “national security” priority.

Trump also disclosed this plan to Speaker Paul Ryan, who – according to reports – is skeptical that the plan will work. The President has looked for $25 billion in funding for this specific project, even though Congress just approved $1.6 billion for non-Wall related border security.

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the funding situation, and Trump’s plan to use defense funding. “I can’t get into the specifics of that now, however, I can reveal to you that the continuation of building the divider is progressing, and we will keep advancing in that procedure,” Sanders told reporters.

“Build WALL through M!” US President Donald Trump recently wrote on Twitter, noting, “Our Military is again rich.” Two advisers said “M” stood for “military.”



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