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VIDEO: Free Money For Drivers In New Jersey After Armored Car Crash

Armored Car
Is it carrying money, or Doughnuts? Both are precious cargo!

A chaotic scene happened in New Jersey as drivers jumped out of their cars and scrambled to pick up cash after armored truck lost bags of money.

New Jersey traffic is the worst… except when money rains down on the street. Thursday, an armored truck had a door malfunction on Route 3 in East Rutherford and thousands of dollars littered the highway. Drivers jumped out of their cars to grab crash as trucks and traffic try to dodge the people picking up free money.

The mad dash for cash cause several other wrecks and caused long delays for those not lucky enough to pick up the money and drive away. The driver of the armored truck scrambled to pick up the money and yelled for the drivers to stop stealing the cash.

One witness, Betsy Richards, who saw the whole scene play out from a nearby bus said, “The driver seemed to be both kind of laughing and crying at the same time, and he was kind of running around telling people to stop.”

How much money was lost? Richards said she saw, “$100 bills, and 5’s and 10’s and 50’s, so it was at least $10,000 on the highway.”

Police reminded the community that taking the money is theft and the people should call and make arrangements to return the stolen cash. If people return the money, they said they would not file charges.

What would you do if you saw thousands of dollars scattered on the road?

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