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Ugh . . . Michelle Obama Starts a New Career

Michelle Obama

Unsatisfied with her mission to ruin school lunches for kids around the nation, Michelle Obama has decided to take on a new endeavor to ruin Pop music.

Yeah, she just released her first single.

Not kidding.

Working with Missy Elliot, Kelly Clarkson, and a string of other singers that few have heard of, the First Lady recorded the track, “This is for My Girls” and released it at midnight last night.

It’s available for $1.29 on iTunes.

After a quick listen on the song, the tune is clearly not worth the price and it’s unlikely listeners will want it clogging up their music collection even if it were free.

The song was recorded as part of Mrs. Obama’s newest initiative called, “Girls Rising” that supports the education of “62 million girls.”

Thankfully, the wife of Barack stayed away from creating the corresponding group, “Boys Rising.”

Rather than focus on the education of American girls, Michelle decided to open the campaign to young women around the world . . . which may serve as a welcome overreach of her capabilities.

With only ten months remaining as the reigning First Lady, Obama is finishing up her lame duck tenure in the same manner as her husband . . . flailing wildly to make an impact.

Watch for Mrs. Obama dancing in the corresponding music video.


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