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Twitter Bans Criticism of Biden

Twitter has quietly updated its “hate speech” policies… apparently, in order to shield Democratic presidential front runner, Joe Biden, from criticism.

The new policy will ban tweets that denigrate someone on the basis of “age, disability, or disease.”

While Twitter did not provide a reason for their sudden rule change, the conservative media, including Drudge Report, began to question whether it was specifically designed to shield Biden from criticism.

Biden has been repeatedly criticized for his lackluster debate performances, as well as his frequent mental lapses on the campaign trail.

In just the past few days alone, Biden confused his wife and his sister at a rally and he was unable to finish a quote from the Declaration of Independence, finishing the quote with, “You know the thing.”

Pundits and politicians across the ideological spectrum have question Biden’s mental capacity. President Trump, who nicknamed Biden “Sleepy Joe,” mocked the former Vice President for his gaffes–saying, “There’s something going on there.”

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Fox News host Sean Hannity also said of Biden, “If he had a fastball, it’s gone.”

Liberal pundits have also begun to sound the alarm, with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah airing a clip of Biden’s gaffes and saying, “This is not good.”

Whether Biden is mentally strong enough for the job of President is a legitimate question that should be considered between now and November.

Twitter’s ban on discussing someone’s age, disability, or disease will only continue their march towards censorship and prevent the American people from having an intelligent discussion about their choices for President.


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