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Trump’s Latest Tweet Stopped GOP In Tracks, Heads Spin On Left


Donald Trump and the right took a bashing from the press when the GOP decided to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics.

At least that was their plan until Donald Trump lashed out with his favorite form of communication.

After the tweets, Kevin McCarthy, Republican from California held a short meeting and decided to pull the proposal.

Trump actually stopped the GOP from making a bad decision. The committee isn’t overly productive, but getting rid of “ethics” first is a horrible message to send to the American people.

The president elect noticed that and thankfully the GOP responded accordingly.

Liberals are at a complete loss though. First they bashed the GOP for wanting to get rid of the ethics committee, but now they have to thank Donald Trump for saving it.

The last thing liberals want to do right now is start thanking Donald Trump for anything, yet he saved the Independent Office of Congressional Ethics. The best part is, Donald Trump sent two tweets and stopped the GOP members in the House.

How many people still want Trump to give up his Twitter account? Let us know in the comments below.


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