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Trump Wows With Coronavirus Speech

President Trump is receiving huge praise for his national address against the Coronavirus this week.

In his speech, Trump emphasized a common-sense approach–practice personal hygiene and social distancing–and was frank about the danger the virus poses to the elderly.

But he also took a muscular approach on a plan to stop the spread of the disease.

First, Trump initiated a 30-day travel ban from Europe, where new cases are skyrocketing, to stop new carriers of the disease from flocking to American shores.

Trump also announced a historic agreement with health insurance companies, which would eliminate co-pays for treatment and make billing more transparent.

To prevent the economy from spiraling out of control, Trump also announced loans for small businesses in affected areas, as well as tax payments being deferred for both businesses and individuals. He also called on Congress to cut payroll taxes–though it seems unclear if that will happen.

Trump’s speech has attracted praise from all corners of the country–even from those generally hostile to Trump.

“Trump passes coronavirus test with flying colors,” gushed the New York Post.

Trump’s former Republican primary opponent–Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, who is no fan of the President–admitted on CNN that President Trump did a “fine” job with his speech.

Even far-left Vox, who called the speech “flawed,” admitted Trump made “a critical step in the right direction.” They praised him for “striking a serious tone and invoking the language of crisis.”

With the crisis still evolving and growing, it remains to be seen whether Trump can capitalize on his early strong response and help protect millions of Americans.


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