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Trump Turns Scrooge As Press Can’t Party This Christmas

Sad Journalist
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Donald Trump is ending a White House holiday tradition and again it is the press that is left out in the cold.

After a year of relentless attacks on the president, Trump is getting back at them by cancelling the White House Christmas party for the press.

Normally the press and a guest would get access to the White House, take pictures with the president and the first lady, and eat a buffet of scrumptious treats.

This year, things are changing. Trump has cancelled the event and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The media and Trump have been battling since he said he was running for president during the summer of 2015.

Of course many people are criticizing the president for cancelling the party, and his increasing hostility against the press.

Lou Dobbs, a host on Fox Business, asked a good question on Twitter.

The press has been very critical of Trump, so it makes sense he doesn’t want to celebrate the joyful holiday with the people that have called him almost every name in the book. Now they can call him a Grinch on top of everything else they say.

Not having the party isn’t going to help the relationship between the media and Trump, but it does send a strong message. Trump doesn’t hide is disdain for the press and they don’t hide their hate for him.

At least taxpayers are not going to be paying for a party that we’re not even invited to.

What do you think about Trump cancelling the press Christmas party?

Let us know in the comments below.

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