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Trump Son-In-Law to be Senior Advisor Despite Chinese Conflicts

A high-rise office at 666 Fifth Avenue is the cozy business digs of young real estate investor Jared Kushner thanks to his family’s money and empire.

Kushner, who hooked Ivanka Trump and had her convert to Judaism was said to be the mastermind behind Trump’s victory . . . if you ask the right people.

Others compare him to sewer slime as he has been called, “disgusting” “inhuman” and a variety of other colorful insults.

Kushner is the reason why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie kept getting thrown under the bus as Christie indicted Kushner’s father as a government prosecutor.

While there is no questioning the influence Kushner has over President Elect Trump, many are starting to question the influence that China has over Jared Kushner.

Shortly after Trump won the Election in November, Kushner reportedly met with the chairman of Anbang Insurance which is a massive financial investor based in China.

The company has been buying up real estate around the United States at break neck speeds and even owns the coveted Waldorf Astoria in New York.

But Ivanka’s husband’s Chinese ties go beyond meetings. One of Kushner’s newest buildings in New Jersey was funded with $50 million from various Chinese investors. Some of them who invested half a million or more were granted two-year visas along with a path to permanent residency.

Kushner, who avoids the media and has done only one interview since hitting the spotlight is a character that many say deserves much more scrutiny.

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