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Trump Lawyers Sue Stormy Over Secret Affair Deal

Enraged Lawyer
^That face you get, when you are about to sue someone to oblivion...

Last month, porn star Stormy Daniels’s legal team filed a lawsuit against President Trump for allegedly trying to “silence Ms. Clifford through the use of an improper and procedurally defective arbitration proceeding hidden from public view”.

Daniels wanted to come forward to the press about her alleged affair with the President but signed an agreement before the 2016 Presidential election promising that she would not. Now, she wants to dish on the President, and renege on the agreement.

On Monday, President Trump and his personal attorney Michael Cohen, filed a counter lawsuit requesting a federal judge to order the settlement of the Stormy Daniels lawsuit to take place through private arbitration – as specified in the agreement Stormy wants to break.

If the judge accepts the Trump team’s case, all negotiations, discussions, and proceedings regarding the case would take place behind closed doors, away from the public eye.

“This motion seeks to enforce the arbitration provision in the Settlement Agreement,” said Brent Blakely, who is representing Michael Cohen, the personal attorney of U.S. President Donald Trump. He also added that “The strong policy favoring arbitration set forth by Congress in the Federal Arbitration Act (‘FAA’) dictates that this motion be granted.”

The paperwork submitted to the court also notified James Otero, the U.S. District Court Judge handling the case, that “Defendant Donald J. Trump hereby joins in defendant Essential Consultants, LLC’s motion to compel arbitration.”

In response to this, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti tweeted that they would “vigorously oppose” this motion put forward by President Trump’s lawyers. He described this motion as an attempt to keep the case proceedings “hidden from the American public.”

“This is a democracy and this matter should be decided in an open court of law owned by the people,” added Michael Avenatti in his tweet.

He followed up with another, aimed at President Trump, himself, “We will soon find out if Mr. Cohen is really willing to lose his license, perjure himself, and possibly face other charges, all to hide & save Mr. Trump. As this noose tightens, reality will set in and sleepless nights will occur. Especially at 1600… “


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