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Trump-hating Middle School Demands Kids Take Off MAGA Hats

Maga Hat
Photo Credit: R. Nial Bradshaw

So much for free speech.

Last week, a middle school in Virginia disciplined a group of boys… for wearing Make America Great Again hats.

Marshall Middle School in Fauquier County, Virginia, allowed students to wear hats to school for a day after participating in a fundraiser.

A group of boys decided it would be a great opportunity to wear their MAGA hats, and show their support for President Trump.

Unfortunately, the school seemed to be less than pleased with a pro-conservative message. Citing alleged “disruption” caused by the hats, administrators made every student remove their hats.

“I’m supporting our president. If that were to be a George Washington hat, I’m supporting that president. [School administrators] wouldn’t tell us to take that off,” said student David Moore, 13, in an interview with local news.

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The school later claimed that the group of boys “bullied” a Latino student. But the boys, who were never disciplined for that alleged act, claimed that never happened.

“I think it was just excuses made because they wanted to see us get in trouble because we were wearing Trump hats,” added Moore.

A parent of one of Moore’s friends agreed.

“I just think that whenever President Trump comes into the equation, it just explodes and people, it triggers them somehow,” said Joe Teague, whose son Logan was among the boys targeted.

“I want my son, as well other students, to be able to go to that school and support President Trump, the President of the United States. There’s no reason they should not be able to do that,” he added.

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