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Trump Has Harsh Words For Synagogue Shooter

Donald Trump
Mr. Law & Order himself!

Trump isn’t just sending thoughts and prayers to those affected by the synagogue shooting, he is saying the things that we are all thinking.

Saturday morning a gunman that wanted “all Jewish people dead” shot up a synagogue during a religious ceremony that killed 11 people and injured many more.

A suspect is in custody, Robert Bowers, a man who has harassed an threatened Jewish people online before. He is also an big “Trump hater” who, according to CNN, has displayed his anti-Semitism online for years.

What should Trump do or say after a tragedy like this?

Politicians often send “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy like the one that happened at a Jewish house of worship in Pittsburgh, but Trump isn’t like most presidents.

Trump did send his thoughts and prayers, but he also said what most people are thinking after a tragedy like this. Trump responded by saying, “When people do this they should get the death penalty.”

The comments came shortly after he heard about the shooting and they were raw emotions and honesty. See the comments below.

One reason that Trump’s fans support him the way they do is because of his honesty.

What person in their right mind wouldn’t want a harsh punishment for a mass murderer? It is unclear if Trump has plans to look at the death penalty in cases like this, but his honest reaction is what is making the news and showing why so many Americans support Trump.

What do you think about Trump’s reaction to the Jewish synagogue shooting on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below.


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