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Trump Gets It Wrong But Is Still Right

In an op/ed published in USA Today, presidential contender Donald Trump breaks down the reasons why his nomination would lead to an increase in voter turnout for the Republican Party in 2016.

While Trump’s argument is not based on substance, the candidate claims he can turn out an additional 10 million votes in the general election.

The billionaire’s used an analogy of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election in which the actor won by a “landslide.”

Reagan won the race against carter by 9.8% in a three-way race – John B. Anderson won as an independent in 1980 and garnered 6.6% of the vote.

The inclusion and popularity of Reagan however did not increase voter turnout in 1980. Trump is dead wrong on that and should have done a bit of fact checking before making an incorrect analogy.

Voter turnout in 1980 was 52.6%. In 1976, turnout was 53.6% and in ’84 it was over 53%.

If anything, the inclusion of Reagan or the thought of Carter, suppressed voter turnout.

However, Trump’s point is correct despite the candidate’s incorrect phrasing of history.

Trump is appealing to the apolitical working class and with proper campaign management, may be able to register millions of new voters.

It has been reported that 90% of Trump supporters who attend local events are not registered to vote.

Donald Trump has a unique advantage if he chooses to take it and could increase voter registration and voting in the general by ten million or more.


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