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“Trump Free” City Sees 40 Shootings And Four Deaths Over Weekend

Chicago PD
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Chicago had a blood- soaked weekend where four people died from gun violence and 40 were injured. The horrific weekend comes on the heels of Chicago officials taking credit for 15 consecutive months of decreased gun violence.

Despite the recent decline, the first weekend in August saw 40 people shot and 15 of them were teenagers.

One 17-year-old girl was killed after getting shot in her face.

The youngest victim over the weekend was a boy only 14-years-old.

The citizens of Chicago are fed up with the violence and took to the streets on Thursday demanding the resignation of mayor Rahm Emanuel. Even though the city officials are boastful of the drop in gun violence, it isn’t enough for the people of Chicago and many are placing the blame at the foot of the mayor.

As pointed out in the video above, some people are asking for Trump to come to Chicago and help out their city. They want Trump’s help even though Emanuel declared the city of Chicago to be “Trump free”.

Rahm Emanuel, a democrat that worked for Bill Clinton and was the chief of staff for president Obama, is in a tough spot. After winning re-election in 2015, he must find a way to make the streets safer for all people in Chicago or he likely won’t win again.

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