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Texas Sues To Shut Down DACA For Good

Greg Abbott
The hero America NEEDS... Governor Abbott

Seven states are suing the Trump administration to force the end of the DACA program.

Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina and West Virginia are all joining the attempt to end the Obama-era program which has helped almost a million illegals obtain schooling and employment privileges they are not legally entitled to.

President Trump promised to end the program last year. He gave Congress until March 5th to find a solution to end the program. But the deadline passed, unsurprisingly, without any action by legislators.

And to put another nail in the coffin, last week, a federal judge ruled against Trump’s decision to end DACA. The judge gave the Trump team 90 days to explain why DACA is not lawful.

So on Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton led the charge by the states to defeat DACA. The state lawyers challenging DACA claim that judicial rulings have forced Trump’s hand, making him keep an unlawful program in place as legal challenges drag on endlessly.

The lawsuit argues that the Obama administration was wrong to “unilaterally grant unlawfully present aliens lawful presence and work authorization.” According to the coalition of states involved in the lawsuit, the Obama administration’s DACA decisions “set a dangerous precedent” and gave the presidency “sweeping authority to ignore the laws enacted by Congress”.

As if that were a unique or unheard of action by a U.S. president.

The lawsuit goes further, saying that DACA “invites future presidents to ignore the law, ignore the will of the people, and set their own policies on the Second Amendment, privacy rights, drug laws, or any of the other important issues debated in Congress.”

Of course, Ken Paxton and the others joining his crusade are correct Nearly every decision made by the Obama White House was an unprecedented overreach of presidential power. Obama’s eight years of tyranny left their mark on the American people, the American economy, and the American position in the world.

But there are many people culpable for Obama’s overreaching actions. Aside from Obama himself, the gutless wimps in Congress deserve a full measure of scorn for the many ways in which they rolled over and allowed Obama to dictate policy to them and do the job of legislating in their stead.

Even when Republicans were in the majority in Congress, fools like John “Bonehead” Boehner and “Turtle Mitch” McConnell somehow managed to allow Obama to keep making policy decisions for them. Time and time again they failed to muster an effective defense against Barry O, preferring “bipartisan” options that always favored the left.

Bipartisanship, in this day and age, means that conservatives give up on their principles and allow big government to win. There is never anything in these so called “deals” to benefit families or the middle class or business owners.

“Bipartisan” solutions may benefit both parties, but they never benefit the people that the parties claim to be fighting for. Republican voters especially get screwed over when their representatives cave in to leftoid demands for “compromise.”

In any case, it remains to be seen whether the states now challenging the Trump administration will be able to undo the damage caused by the carnival of imbeciles that calls itself Congress. If the states win their case, then DACA is only the tip of the spear. Because if the courts buy the states’ arguments against DACA, it could majorly open the door to further legal challenges by state governments.

This may have a very beneficial balancing effect, forcing the buffoonish slugs in the federal swamp to be more careful when making decisions that affect the states. Hopefully this lawsuit will lead to an overall increase in the power of the states to defend themselves against federal overreach.



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