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Shocking Video Confirms Puerto Rico’s Leaders Botched Recovery

Shocking new video evidence has seemingly confirmed that Puerto Rico’s leaders–not the Trump Administration–are the ones botching the Hurricane Maria.

A video, published earlier this week, shows the shocked Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Luis Rivera Marin–who is a Republican—sorting through a trash dumpster in Patilla, Puerto Rico, after receiving a tip that supplies were being mishandled.

Inside the dumpster, Marin found boxes and boxes of unopened meals, bottled water, and other critically-needed supplies–thrown away even as many people on the hurricane-ravaged island are starving.

President Donald Trump has been attacked by Democrats, including San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, for his response to Hurricane Maria. But Trump punched back, saying that the federal government had done its job perfectly–and that critical aid from FEMA was now sitting untouched in Puerto Rican ports and distribution centers because of the failures of local leaders.

Marin’s video seems to confirm President Trump’s account.

Marin was later interviewed by CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, where he eviscerated local leadership for failing to get the federally-donated supplies to the people of Puerto Rico.

“We got tipped about the mishandling of some of the supplies in a distribution center in Patilla, and we were able to corroborate what we didn’t want to see,” Marin explained. “In a garbage dump truck we found pallets full of meals ready to be distributed at one time but now all spoiled. They were left under the rain in the open air under the sun subject to rodents and animals.”

“I contacted the local police and state attorney’s office,” said Marin. “This is a practice we cannot tolerate… It was negligent and, for me, criminal.”


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