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Shock Poll: Democrats want to dump Biden


A shocking new poll suggests that embattled former Vice President Joe Biden might not be the Democratic nominee after all.

According to Morning Consult, just 61 percent of Democratic voters believe the former Vice President’s denial of sexual assault claims.

Biden has been accused of sexually assaulting former staffer Tara Reade in his Senate office, back in 1993. Reade’s story has been corroborated by a number of people who claim she told them soon after it happened.

The scandal, however, was largely ignored by the mainstream media until 1993 footage from CNN’s “Larry King Live” surfaced–which featured Reade’s mother calling into the show to ask about whether she should “go to the media” to report “problems” her daughter was having with a “prominent Senator.”

Echoing the fact that just a slim majority of Democrats believe Biden, a growing number of Democratic voters want him gone altogether.

26 percent of Democrats–more than 1 in 4 Democrats–believe that the party should select a different nominee.

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That number increases to a whopping 40 percent of Democrats under 45–younger people who are more likely to be less forgiving of sexual assault allegations.

But Biden’s problems are even worse outside of his own part. Among all voters, just 41 percent of voters found Biden’s denial to be credible.

Biden has staked his candidacy on a return to “decency” after four years of President Donald Trump. Being dogged by scandal could threaten the very essence of his campaign during the long slog before November.


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