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Rogue Dem Speaks Out Against Direction Of His Party

Tim Ryan
Hey, well at least he didn't cross paths with Hillary Clinton - he is still alive after all!

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan is breaking with his fellow liberals to call for tax reform and other pro-growth policies. In a recent interview, Ryan explained that, “To be competitive globally, we have to reduce the corporate tax rate.”

After years of electoral losses under Obama, and the humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, democrats are searching for new strategies and policies to draw voters back to their party. Rep. Ryan is making the case that, instead of becoming more progressive, the democratic party should moderate, and focus on economic growth. “We can’t just be the party of redistribution of wealth; we need to be the party of the creation of wealth in communities all over the country, not to just Silicon Valley, not just Wall Street, but all over.”

However, while Ryan is not a political novice – having assumed office in 2013 – the leadership of the Democrats is firmly opposed to his policy proposals. After a failed attempt to unseat Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader just 9 days after Hillary lost to Donald Trump in 2016, Ryan is still attempting to change his party from within.

“There’s no better inside player than Nancy Pelosi and I don’t have any animosity towards her,” Ryan clarified, after Pelosi defeated him in his bid to unseat her from leadership. But he warned, “I’m pretty clear that I’ve thought we probably need to go into ’18 with a different messenger whether it was me or anybody else.”

Ryan has shown that he can rise in a very short period of time and has been continually challenging the Democratic Party by pushing them to move towards being more business friendly in their approach.

While, the Democrats have sworn to stick by policies that argue tax cuts for middle-class families; with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) arguing, “Instead of offering the American people a plan for real, job-creating tax reform, President Trump is pushing a billionaires-first, trickle-down tax scheme that hands out massive tax cuts to the wealthiest, at the expense of American families.”

Even though he is working quietly behind the scenes to make the Democrats more business friendly, he is facing heat from Alt-Left activists and news sources. Karen Scharff, national vice chair of Working Families Party slammed him, saying, “Rep. Ryan is sadly mistaken if he believes that cutting taxes for wealthy corporations will provide a boost to working families,” in an article by Salon.

Scharff suggested that, “Guaranteeing healthcare for all would be a good first step. So would free college. So would a massive public works program. But cutting taxes on big corporations shouldn’t be any Democrat’s priority. Trickle down economics has absolutely never worked. Never.”


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