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Record For Longest Bull Market In Stocks Set To Break This Week

Bull Market
The American Bull is in the "China shop" and going CRAZY!!

Donald Trump will be able to add another feather in his cap this week as the record for the longest ever bull market in stocks is set to break this Wednesday.

This current bull market began in March of 2009 will set a new record if we don’t see correction early this week. It’s possible for the market to have a major drop before Wednesday, but it’s extremely unlikely.

What we’ll likely see is a tweet from Trump touting the new record, and why shouldn’t he? After the great recession, the economy had almost nowhere to go, but up. Ever since Trump took office, the market has continued to set new all-time high records.

Back in June Trump tweeted we have the “greatest economy”.

After Wednesday, the president will have another record to support his claim.

The longest bull-run has to end at some point. Some experts think that Trump’s attacks on NAFTA and our trade dispute with China will cause things to collapse. One writer for Forbes even called Trump an “economic traitor”.

What is the real story? What isn’t fake news? Is this the greatest American economy ever or is Trump setting us up for disaster? Is the Forbes writer right or is the bull-run in the stock market a better indicator of economic reality?

Regardless of what anyone thinks of the president personally or politically, the economy is one barometer that a lot of voters will judge him on and if it continues to break records, he will continue to have a job.

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