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Prince’s Death Already Spawning Conspiracies


2016 has been a rough year for celebrities. We lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Prince.

The world mourns as one of its greatest musical talents dies so before discussing the conspiracies, we would like to take a moment to appreciate the life and work of Prince.

The impact of Prince is undeniable and as the world mourns, it is easy to forget the scope of his musical influence. People forget that he wrote some major hits for other artists too. Here is a collection of a few of those songs.

The talented Prince is rumored to have played 27 different instruments on his first album and we all remember the Super Bowl halftime show.

The genius behind so many hits and the inspiration of so many fans will forever keep Prince in the memory of pop culture, but we have not heard the end of this.

First there are the unusual circumstances of Prince being found dead on an elevator and reports of a drug overdose last Thursday night after a show. The people closest to Prince are not saying much. There are reports that they are not really cooperating with law enforcement. All that is just speculation at this point, but here is the meat behind the conspiracy.

Prince has around 2,000 unreleased tracks hidden in a vault on his property. 2000!

With millions and millions of fans mourning for the loss of their favorite artist, these 2,000 tracks are worth a lot of money. Fans want to hear new Prince songs and thus lies the conspiracy.

All great conspiracies are about money and greed. If there is a conspiracy and somebody did want to get rid of Prince because they could make a lot more money selling the un-released tracks, then we have a potential motive.

The logic behind this conspiracy is much more sound than the one about Prince being an Illuminati sacrifice.

Whatever the cause of death, the artist known as Prince will forever live in our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and fans.


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