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Partisanship Expected To Reach New Heights In 2018

Pelosi Conference
^So many words, and nothing of value to say...

Between the Democrats, Republicans, and the factions within each party, and the unknown quantity that is President Donald Trump – 2018 is going to be explosive.

Already, the conservative House Freedom Caucus is making the case for triggering a full government shutdown, as a hardline tactic to cut the government down to proper and Constitutional size. On the other end, Democrats are working overtime to push DACA Amnesty, and flood America with ungrateful 3rd world savages. This is just one of the many debates that will take place in 2018.

Representative Mark Meadows, an important and influential Freedom Caucus member in an interview had appreciated the President and his administration’s restraint for the fiscal year 2018 for asking a simple 7 percent increase as opposed to Democrats proposal of increasing it to 11 – 12 percent.

As the Republicans passed the tax reform bills using reconciliation as a tool to favor them, they still do not have a simple majority to pass the bill or fiscal year. Meaning that the government spending plans would need support from several Democratic members of Senate, in order to pass.

In more simpler words, the Democrats hold the strength in the Senate and the Republicans have a strong chance to face a government shutdown over DACA issues if a compromise is not achieved the decision of Democrats about how large the Government should be in the year 2018

Furthermore, the President Trump has to keep his promise to put his efforts in pushing for a huge infrastructure-spending bill, which is something that might gain enough support from Democrats to pass the Senate. The White House plan as of now, calls for a huge $200 billion in the additional spending for the federal allotment to the infrastructure for next 10 years.

The Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan has also committed himself to handle the ‘entitlement reform’ in 2018, but it may also face defeat along with all the Medicare or Social Security bills that might reduce their spending because of the Democrats. Hence, entitlement reform is an issue that is not coming close to be resolved before at least end of September –end of the fiscal year 2018.


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