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Parents Pushed To Extreme To Boot Lazy Manchild Son

Pathetic Slacker
Every Mother's worst nightmare... every Mother of a millenials' sad reality.

The parents of a lazy 30-something Syracuse basement dweller are finally doing something to get him off the couch.

They’re suing him.

Michael Rotondo’s parents say he doesn’t pay them rent, or help out around the house. And he’s ignored his parents’ offers to help him with the costs of moving into another place.

And even though his parents have sent him five separate letters notifying him that he’ll be evicted – Goddammit, Michael, we really mean it this time! – their son has stubbornly refused to pack up his bags.

So the Rotondos have taken matters into their own hands. Or rather, putting matters into the hands of the court. They filed a case with the Onondaga County Supreme Court, in the Syracuse, New York area, on May 7th.

Their son’s legal counterargument is that he wasn’t given notice to leave in a timely-enough fashion. Apparently the five letters, the first one coming on February, informing the son that “you must leave this house immediately,” weren’t warning enough that mom and dad meant business.

When little Mikey ignored the first letter, his parents went to a lawyer and drafted a real eviction notice. “You are hereby evicted,” the notice said. It was dated February 13th and signed by Mrs. Rotondo. “A legal enforcement procedure will be instituted immediately if you do not leave by 15 March 2018.”

They even wrote another letter which offered their son $1,100 to get out of their home, and advised him that he go out and get a job despite his “poor work history”, court documents said.

In that letter, dated February 18th, the Rotondo parents also offered their son some advice on how to get a foothold in the world.

“Sell the other things you have that have any significant value, (e.g. stereo, some tools etc.). This is especially true for any weapons you may have. You need the money and will have no place for the stuff.”

Weapons? Oh dear.

Despite their advice and their offer of financial assistance, by the 30th of March it had become clear that young Michael had no plans to scoot.

So the Rotundo parents went to the county courthouse to see if they could legally kick him out on his rear end.

Turns out, in New York, you need a County Supreme Court justice to sign off on an eviction order for a close relative. So the Rotondos took their case all the way to the Supreme Court! (Of Onondaga County, NY.)

Yesterday, State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood rejected young Michael’s claims that he was entitled to another six months in his parents’ home. He sided with the parents, and signed the eviction order demanding the 30 year old man be given the boot.

Michael says he will appeal the decision.


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