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Obama Says His ISIS Strategy Is Working. Is It?


President Obama went in front of the cameras to tell the world that his strategy with the US led coalition is working and driving ISIS out of Syria and Iraq.

“Every day, ISIL leaders wake up and understand that it could be their last,” the president said.

From the sounds of it, we are making some headway and ISIS should be defeated any day now, right? We have the “momentum,” the president said.

The rhetoric out of Washington is not what we are seeing in the world though.

Just in the last six months we have seen the Paris attack, San Bernardino attack and the Brussels attack, but you may not know is that ISIS took down a Russian passenger plane and has killed hundreds in attacks all over the world.

The reach and strength of ISIS is not being limited and driven out of their “homeland”; instead, it looks like they are expanding.

In Germany, 29 soldiers from the army left to join ISIS. With the immigration problems and the refugee crisis in Europe, who knows how many ISIS soldiers and sympathizers have infiltrated different government agencies and public businesses.

After the arrest in Brussels, we have learned that there is a strong communication network and ISIS members all over the world can connect to the leadership. This is scary.

Thank to Hillary Clinton, there a vacuum of power in Libya and ISIS is filling that empty space. ISIS is expanding its reach into Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa.

Despite the president saying we have the momentum, it looks quite the opposite. ISIS is spreading out and we are only bombing them in the Middle East. What are we doing in Africa and in Europe to stop their next attack?

What are we doing in America? The coalition we are leading is eliminating some of the risk, but without a full strategy on how to eradicate ISIS, then we do not have the momentum over them.

Do you think the president’s plan is working to stop ISIS? Let us know in the comment section.


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