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Obama Refuses: Could Trump Save American Student from North Koreans?

North Koreans

University of Virginia Student Otto Warmbier was paraded before cameras in North Korea yesterday to break down in tears and pleading for his life.

Warmbier was arrested two months ago for stealing a political banner from his hotel in Pyongyang.

The North Koreans, led by fat kid, Kim Jong-un, contest that Warmbier committed “severe crimes” against the nation.

While a hostile foreign government parades around a terrified young American, President Obama and his State Department has remained silent on the issue. They have left any negotiation and communication up to the Swedish Government.

The family of Otto, Fred and Cindy Warmbier, from Cincinnati, pleaded to speak with their son but the request have fallen on the dumb and deaf ears of the dictatorial regime.

Given Obama’s lack of negotiating skills with Iran over releasing American hostages in exchange for $150 billion, it may be best to leave the lame duck president along on the golf course.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has made a significant issue over the Iran deal and this represents an opportunity for the New York billionaire to step in and at least make a recommendation on action to bring the youngster home.

Watch Otto plead here and comment below:


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