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Obama May Not Come For Your Guns In 2016, But Bloomberg Will


Over the past several years, Michael Bloomberg has been quietly organizing behind the scenes to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans across the nation.

The former New York mayor, working through the group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has managed to petition his way onto ballots in 2016 with questions that will take away gun rights in several states.

In Nevada, voters will have to decide on restrictive background checks for gun buyers.

In Maine, voters will likely have to vote on whether to allow private sales of firearms. Petitions were submitted to the state last week and are currently being validated. If the question gets on the ballot and passes, gun collectors, hunters and enthusiasts will face criminal punishment if they attempt to sell their firearms to other, law abiding citizens.

The Maine ballot initiative will do nothing to curb criminal access to firearms.

The move to fighting gun rights on the state level represents a dramatic shift in strategy for gun grabbers . . . and they’re winning.

After years of members of Congress fearing the force of the National Rifle Association, nothing could get done to advance gun control on the federal level.

Bloomberg and his ilk took the fight directly to voters in each state with the expectation that even pro-gun voters will be confused by the questions that appear on the ballot and inadvertently check away their rights in the ballot box.

Maine and Nevada are not alone. Initiatives are active everywhere from coast-to-coast. In the absence of states allowing ballot initiatives, lobbyists have pushed legislators and attorneys general very hard to enact gun control through legislative or executive action.

In Virginia, the attorney general recently revoke concealed carry reciprocity but then reversed course after a massive backlash from state residents and leaders.

Be on the lookout for measures on your ballot . . . and even petitioners asking you to sign away your rights.


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