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Obama Judge Creates Dangerous Immigration Precedent?

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon, formally appointed by the Obama administration is set on freeing ill-legal immigrants known to commit violent acts.

While, a news outlet praised Dillon for her action, by stating: “For immigration advocates, U.S. District Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon’s June 1 order was a major legal victory over the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the federal agency charged with caring for children apprehended at the border without their parents. The decision could lead to the release of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of long-detained unaccompanied minors, they said. The teen’s release was remarkable for another reason: Before coming to the United States, he had sold drugs and witnessed murders as a member of MS-13. The violent street gang is on the rise in the United States, fueled, in part, by the surge in unaccompanied minors. MS-13 has been linked to dozens of recent killings, from the Washington area to Long Island, Boston and Houston. President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have voiced alarm about MS-13 and the way it has taken advantage of the U.S. immigration system.”

On the other hand, the public is seen viewing Dillon’s action as a threat to their own safety, as one user on Reddit stated, “The photos of victims of illegals need to be dropped off on this judge’s doorstep daily.”

The federal judge has ordered the release of a Honduran teen that had crossed the Rio Grande a few years ago and had turned himself in to U.S. Border Patrol. Taking his rather extenuous history when it comes to his involvement in gangs and dealing drugs, the feds had help him without any hearing and had thus, “violated his rights to due process and family unity.”

It is to be noted, “Some 150,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)—mostly from Central America—entered the U.S. through the Mexican border under the Obama administration and this disturbing case out of Virginia is one of many illustrating the threat they represent to the American public. Judicial Watch has covered and investigated the UAC influx for years and has obtained public records from the various government agencies responsible for relocating the illegal alien minors throughout the country.”

While, the MS-13 actively targets illegal immigrant minors that reside at shelter housings to carry out their illegal motives. Texas Department of Safety notes that, “Reports of increased MS-13 gang activity have already surfaced in the Houston area.” And that, “MS-13 gang members are known for highly violent crimes, including brutal murders and dismemberments. Several recent crimes in Texas illustrate the criminal threat associated with MS-13.” Judges such as Dillion are putting everyone’s safety at risk, by setting criminals free.


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