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NY Times slammed for deleting Biden sex assault tweet. Their excuse is even worse.

times tweet
Photo Credit: Phil Roeder

The New York Times is facing a huge backlash for deleting a tweet about the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

Their “reasoning” is even worse.

Amid a huge backlash against the mainstream media for refusing to report on the allegations, the Times finally announced that they had wrapped up their investigation–and found that Biden did nothing wrong.

Biden had been accused of sexual assault by a former intern, Tara Reade, who said the then-Senator from Delaware cornered her near the Capitol Building in 1993.

The Times claimed to have interviewed a slew of former Biden aides, who unsurprisingly sided with their boss. They then wrote (and tweeted) this humdinger:

“We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.”

Apparently suggesting that the Times couldn’t find a pattern of sexual misconduct… aside from a whole list of women who said Biden had made them uncomfortable by hugging, kissing, and touching them.

Soon after, the article’s language changed without explanation to, simply, “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.”

The Times had also tweeted the original passage, which remained up on Twitter for several hours after the article had been changed, before also being deleted.

The Times’s tweet (and the accompanying article) quickly became the butt of jokes. But the sudden turnaround from the newspaper left a wave of anger.

The Times’s only explanation? “We’ve deleted a tweet in this thread that had some imprecise language that has been changed in the story.”


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