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New Revelation Shows Incredible Depths Of Clinton Power

Hillary Clinton
She has this subtle guilty look in Every Picture... I wonder why?

Latest reports from – of all places, the Huffington Post – are rewriting what we know about the depths of Hillary’s control over the Democratic national Committee (DNC). Not even Donna Brazile’s recent shocking, and damning revelations tell the whole story.

Shocking revelations in the Huffington Post’s latest report suggest that Hilary Clinton started recruiting loyalists three months before officially announcing her 2016 candidacy.

According to the report from, the takeover of the Democratic National Committee started, as Clinton took control of the party strategy after a joint fundraising agreement. Debbie Wasserman Schultz assisted Clinton in forming an alliance of loyalists to develop a general election strategy.

Around one million dollars were provided by the DNC to two major consulting firms, including  SKDKnickerbocker and Precision Strategy. The latter is owned by Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who is not only a former executive director at the DNC but also a veteran supporter of Barack Obama’s campaign. According to a New York Time’s report, O’Malley was an unofficial advisor for the Clinton Campaign. However, there are some reports that suggest she was hired by Clinton.

The Senior Vice President of the other firm, Jon Renish, served on the host committee for Clinton’s LGBTQ fundraiser in 2015. Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen, two of the managing directors of that firm, worked along DNC and were revealed to be reliable surrogates in a leaked email originally sent by the campaign’s communication director Jennifer Palmieri in 2015.

Dunn, however, maintains that she was unaware of her name being on the list of reliable surrogates. “Traditionally the DNC role during the primaries is to focus on the Republicans and to keep the focus on the Republican candidates while the Democratic candidates go through the process,” said Dunn. “I think if you talk with people who have been through previous elections, they will tell you the DNC (and, for that matter, RNC) play this role during the primaries because the candidates are differentiating between each other and you need the national party to carry the campaign against the Republican during that period.”

Nina Turner, Bernie Sander’s surrogate, responded to the revelations by stating, “If the Democratic Party is going to regain the public’s trust, it must remain neutral in accordance with its bylaws, and it can’t let its consultants take a side publicly during a primary. They can’t serve two masters.”


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