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Mueller: Trump Is Not Under Criminal Investigation

Donald Trump
"This calls for some Victory Ice cream - I'll take 2 scoops please!"

Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller disclosed to Trumps legal team last month that the President is not subject to criminal investigation, as part of the Russian Interference probe. This statement is a strong admission that the Mueller probe has not been able to dig up anything whatsoever.

However, even though it seems that Trump has been vindicated, Mueller still views Trump as the prime subject of his investigation, and made it clear that he will still need to interview the President, in order to close the investigation.

Mueller wants to personally interview the President, to find out how much he knew about the scope of Russian involvement in the 2016 election. But, the goal of such an interview is unclear, as Trump has repeatedly said that there was no Russia collusion, and that Mueller’s activities were nothing more than a wild Witch Hunt.

Trump has already said that he will talk with investigators, however, John Dowd, the lawyer leading Trump’s legal defense team, insisted that Trump should not cooperate with the investigation in that way.

So far, after months of blatantly partisan investigation, the Mueller Investigation has only bagged a Dutch legal advisor over improperly filed paperwork and legal disclosures. A judge recently sentenced the lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan to 30 days in jail, ordering him to pay $20,000.


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