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Mormons Break With Scouts Over Inclusion Of Girls

Cub Scouts
The feminists came to destroy the "Old Boy's Clubs" now they are coming for the "Young Boys Clubs"...

The Mormons are breaking ties with the Boy Scouts.

And if that isn’t the strangest thing you’ve heard in a while, well. I dunno what to tell you.

There’s not a whole lot on this earth more Mormon than the Boy Scouts. ‘Course, we gotta call ’em the “Trail Scouts” now, or some other dumb bullshit like that. (Cub Scouts get to keep their name, “Cub” is apparently gender neutral enough for the Social Justice Brigades.)

In light of the recent decision to make the Boy Scouts a co-ed organization (and the stupid name change), the Mormon Church has decided to cut ties with the organization. Bear in mind, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been supporting the Boy Scouts of America for a century.

The Boy Scouts have about 330,000 Mormon members and the LDS church has been one of its biggest sponsors for many many years. Now, most of those Mormon Scouts will be joining a new program (for boys only) starting next year.

LDS church spokesmen are saying the break with the Boy Scouts came because the Mormon Church is now international, and they want to explore youth programs for an international audience. But we all know the real reason this is happening.

And the new program the Mormons are moving their kids into is supposed to have a focus on “spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual goals outlined by the church.” I.E., it’ll be free from the increasingly progressive agenda that the Boy Scouts of America organization has been pushing for the past several years.

It really started in 2015 when the Boy Scouts started allowing gay scoutmasters. That decision obviously did not sit too well with the Mormons. At the time they decided to stick with the Boy Scouts, but this latest decision by the BSA seems to have put the final nail in the coffin.

I say good for the Mormons. The world these days has become so politically correct. The fact that there’s already a perfectly good organization for girls who want to do scouting activities isn’t enough for these social justice lunatics. No, they need to scour the earth of any speck of masculinity.

Anytime a group of boys is huddled around a campfire laughing and passing trail mix around the circle. Anywhere a young man can find a strong male role model in his life. Any place where men and boys can gather and be uniquely themselves. These are situations that the feminists cannot help but try to destroy.

They hate these masculine gatherings so much because they teach boys a very very very valuable lesson. They teach boys that it’s possible to display responsibility, learn valuable skills, and enjoy the companionship of your friends, all without any women around. Gatherings like these teach boys that, in fact, the most fun can be had when they are allowed to be themselves, in their own uniquely male spaces.

Male spaces, like the Boy Scouts used to be, teach boys that it is alright to be male, and it’s alright to enjoy manly things, and that there is joy and pride to be had in the smell of a fire and the quiet company of other men.

The feminazis, and the Deep State they have seized control of, worry that if too many boys learn that lesson, their power to control mankind will be blunted or destroyed. Because boys will realize that, despite what their female teachers in school tell them, there is nothing inherently wrong with being male.

And the leftists can’t have that. Their whole political power structure depends on a massive surplus of white male guilt. If boys in this country are allowed to realize that being a boy is acceptable and even good, they’ll be much harder to control.

It used to only be the government-run organizations that really demanded the elimination of male-only spaces. The regulatory agencies and the schools and whatnot.

But now these damned feminazi communists have crawled into our non-governmental organizations too. They’ve slimed their way into the media (no surprise), into our churches, into our social clubs, and now, by God, they’ve broken into the damned Boy Scouts too.

If this doesn’t illustrate to you the moral decay that is eating away at the heart of our society, I don’t know what will. The Boy Scouts, that ancient bastion upholding the ideal of masculine goodness and pride, has been infiltrated by political correctness. We can’t even call it the Boy Scouts anymore.

Now it’s just Scouts BSA. Well, I say the Mormons have got the right idea. Leave off the “A” at the end: this is just plain Scouts BS.


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