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Michael Bloomberg Flies Giant Blocks Of Ice On Private Plane… To Protest Climate Change

Private Plane
Typical Globalist hypocrisy...

Michael Bloomberg–the billionaire former New York City mayor, and rumored 2020 Democratic presidential candidate–flew giant blocks of ice from Greenland to London… to protest climate change.

The stunt had Bloomberg flying 24, thousand-pound blocks of glacial ice from Nuuk, Greeland, to London on his private jet.

In London, they were set up in a “circular garden” to show the affects of “climate change”–apparently, by melting in London’s not-freezing December temperatures–as part of a broader United Nation’s international panel on climate change, which was held earlier this month in Poland.

Of course, the big irony is that Bloomberg did a sizeable amount of damage to the environment… in order to ship big chunks of ice across the world.

According to estimates, the stunt caused 24 tons of carbon to be released into the atmosphere by the private jet. That’s more than the average U.S. households emits in *three years.*

So next time a liberal celebrity billionaire tries to tell you to cut back on energy consumption… just remember that Bloomberg used three years of household energy consumption by sending big blocks of ice across the world in his private jet.

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