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Mexican Drug Lord Puts $100k Bounty On U.S. Conservative Writer

Cartel Stash
They are already in the drug business, it's only natural that they expand into POLITICS!

A Mexican cartel leader placed a $100,000 hit on conservative writer Jose Luis Lara, who writes for Breitbart Texas.

Cesar “El Boto” Sepulveda Arellano, a leader of Los Viagras Cartel, called for the assassination after Lara’s continued reports on cartels and their corrupt contacts in the Mexican government.

El Boto called for the leaders of all rival cartels to unite against Lara. He posted the assassination order on social media, but also made a similar threat in an audio recording.

48 hours after El Boto issued his threats, the Mexican military arrested him at a hideout in Morelos.

Soon after, other members of Los Viagras Cartel began deleting their Facebook accounts–to try to hide their connection to their captured leader.


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