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Martha Stewart Is Trying To Hide Her Post Disrespecting Trump

martha stewart
No, we can't believe she would post it either

Martha Stewart faced outrage from conservative Americans after sharing a rather offensive image on social media.

Just a couple of days ago, baking expert Martha Stewart posted a photo on Instagram with her showing a middle finger at a portrait of Donald Trump.

It was noted, Stewart and Trump went head to head when she hosted her very own season of The Apprentice, competing directly with Trump and their conflict was not all at hidden from the media.

Stewart was quick to take down the image, however, it was long after it had already gone viral and shared by others.

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The image had Martha Stewart posing at a museum between the portraits of Trump and rapper Snoop Dogg. An image much similar to the image in question (but without the middle finger salute), still appears on her account.

Trump supporters were very quick to react to the incident and take down Stewart.

“Sooooooo disappointed in you Martha Stewart. Giving the middle finger to President Trump. I could see you giving the finger to Hillary since she was behind you going to jail. She could have made a phone call and stopped that whole nonsense but didn’t yet you hold a grudge towards Trump. Wow!”

“Classless. Showing more respect to a low life than our President. Sickening.”

“She’s an ex-con what do you expect! Thuglife!”

“Too late @marthastewart48 … This Army Ranger mom saw the original version of this photo where you’re flipping off the President. Try to remember that there are sons and daughters serving (and dying) under the man you have the luxury to flip off. #noclass.”

“Looks like prison taught you nothing. You’re typical thug Martha.”

“Disrespectful Stewart ! It’s not cool at all, do you think the left is buying your crap lol nope it’s the right, don’t hurt your brand.”

Commenters were seen asking her to re-post the photo, though it is still unconfirmed as to whether or not it was photoshopped.


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