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Liberal Leader Calls For “Annulment” Of Trump’s Presidency

Robert Reich
Let's #Resist this stupidity... please

The left doesn’t just want to remove Trump from office… they want to completely “annul” everything he did in the Oval Office.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich–who served under Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997–wrote a startling editorial for the American Prospect, outlining his plot to “remedy Trump’s unconstitutional presidency.”

“Impeachment would not remedy Trump’s unconstitutional presidency because it would leave in place his vice president, White House staff and Cabinet, as well as all the executive orders he issued and all the legislation he signed, and the official record of his presidency,” Reich wrote.

“The only response to an unconstitutional presidency is to annul it,” Reich added. “Annulment would repeal all of it—recognizing that such appointments, orders, rules, and records were made without constitutional authority.”

Reich admits that there is an absence of “compelling and indisputable evidence [Trump] rigged the 2016 election” at the moment, but seems to be looking for a future where “such evidence comes forth.”

As a way of “annulling” Trump’s entire existence, Reich also calls for the Speaker of the House–currently Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) but possibly a Democrat after the 2018 election–to take over the White House until a “special election,” rather than the Vice President of the United States.

However, despite Reich’s plans, the Constitution doesn’t allow the “annulment” of a presidency. And the Constitution also doesn’t allow a “special election” to fill a presidential vacancy: the Constitution specifically outlines the line of succession.

Ever since the convictions of Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, the media has been salivating over the prospect of impeachment… but the American people don’t seem to care.

In the RCP Average of Trump approval polls, Trump’s approval rating has ticked up just slightly since the news broke: from 43.3% to 43.7%.


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