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Liberal Fact-Checking Site Fails Again & This Time It’s “Treason”

Fake News
Hey look, I didn't know CNN had it's own newspaper!

Snopes, a fact-checking website that has partnerships with Google and Facebook, incorrectly labeled a meme aimed at the President and a Fox News graphic. Now people are questioning the validity of the site.

Facebook and Google trust Snopes to verify if something is true or not, but the liberal leaning site made a big mistake with one meme aimed at Trump.

A picture of Trump and members of Congress and his administration took a picture on the White House lawn after they voted out Obamacare in 2017. The image that circled had big red X’s over people that Snopes claimed were voted out of office.

The thing is, the claim is not true and very misleading.

After serious backlash, Snopes changed the details of the meme after saying it was “true”, they have now modified the statement to read, “Although memes are frequently grossly inaccurate, this one got the general idea and numbers correct (even if the persons actually pictured in the accompanying photograph are difficult or impossible to identify). By our count, at least 34 Republican legislators who voted to repeal or partially repeal Obamacare will not be returning to Congress when the new session begins in January 2019.”

The image is not hard to picture, and a fact checking website should be able to identify people in a photograph.

Aside from the mistake on this image, the “fact-checking” site often takes shots at the president and conservatives. Even with the backlash, Snopes posted a picture of the president’s mother and mocked her hair.

The site even says the claim that Fox News displayed a holiday graphic saying “Treason For The Season” is true. The actual graphic read, Reason For The Season with a cross. Read about it here.

At this point, can they still claim to be a fact-checking website or are they just a finding ways to support crazy liberal claims? At least Google and Facebook still trust them.

Do you trust Snopes? Let us know in the comments below.


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