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California, Fix Your Own State Before You Tell The Rest Of Us How To Live

Leave us alone, California! No one loves you anymore...

There is no place like California in the world. The golden state has Hollywood, miles of coastland, scenic mountains, and millions of Americans who live in a “totally” different world.

The state is overwhelmingly Democrat, with 61.5% of the votes going to Hillary in the 2016 election. The state also has the largest population of illegal immigrants.

California has headlines like this coming out… “Needles, Feces Still Litter San Francisco.” –

About a quarter of the nation’s homelessness population lives in California, yet for some reason the elected officials focus on things like… straws. Watch as Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld makes a great point about the focus of politicians.

What is going on California? You need to get your stuff together.

Many in the state want to succeed and some wanted to break the state up into three different states until the CA Supreme Court struck it down.

The movie and music stars of the south and the tech and sports stars of the north, California is filled with celebrities that openly mock and ridicule the president.

This is how much that Hollywood loves Trump.

Hollywood is the mouthpiece for the progressive left and an endless fountain of money for the Democrats. Harvey Weinstein being on trial for many counts of sexual abuse has opened a Pandora’s box on all kinds of different sex scandals

A recent survey of over 2000 Hollywood WGA West Union members, 64% said they had been sexually abused in their career.

Before actors want to tell me how to vote, shouldn’t they learn how to treat women first?

Despite all of the problems going on in her state, Rep. Maxine Waters is only focusing on fighting Trump.

California has some incredible taxes, a very high cost of living, and jail time for using a straw. California is still a beautiful state and worth a visit, but they need to figure some things out before we take their advice.

What do you think? What should the elected officials of California be focusing on?


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