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Law Schools Ramp Up Anti-Trump Indoctrination

"Alrighty, Class. Turn to page 538, of your textbook 'Trump Is Evil' "

Future lawyers are, apparently, being indoctrinated against Donald Trump.

A new prep book for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) throws objectivity out the window, literally declaring Trump a “racist” who supports “internment camps.”

As an “example” question to explain how to frame a potential argument, the book, published by Windham Press, brings Trump into the equation:

“Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States of America. He lacks political experience and backs racist policies, such as internment camps and deportation.”

Ironically, in the paragraph before, the book urges test takers to “ignore outside biases, judgments, and knowledge” and to apply a “standard of reasonableness.”

The book later uses a “hypothetical” person with the name “Ronald Thump,” and lands another blow on Trump:

“Mr. Thump’s manipulation of tax and bankruptcy loopholes helped grow his father’s fortune.”

Windham Press has not commented on the anti-Trump propaganda in their textbook, but a spokesperson for the Law School Admission Council has clarified that the book has no official or licensing arrangement with the LSAT.


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