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Jim Carrey’s Attack On Cruz Shows How Democrats Have Become What They Hate

Hollywood has been giving us the same old, tired song and dance for decades... progressivism, progressivism, progressivism...

Jim Carrey sent a harsh tweet to Senator Ted Cruz that really exemplifies what is wrong in this country.

The day before the midterm elections and the day before Ted Cruz finds out if he gets to keep his job, actor Jim Carrey posted a tweet supporting Beto O’Rourke and the Democrats.

Beto O’Rourke is the Democrat that is running against Cruz in Texas and has mounted an impressive campaign to become the first Democrat elected for a Senate seat in Texas since the early 90’s.

Carrey called the Republicans bloodsuckers and was generally playful in his post. The actor is also an artist, and added a painting of Ted Cruz being turned to dust by Beto O’Rourke.

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This type of political banter is common and has been common for decades. It is an artist supporting his party, and Ted Cruz playfully responded.

Cruz didn’t attack Jim Carrey, he just attacked the metaphor of Republicans being vampires. Republicans have claimed for years that Democrats add dead people to voter roles to help win elections. One student went to prison in 2017 for registering dead people to vote for Hillary. It’s not as common as Republicans like to portray, but it does happen and it was a clever, yet playful response to the actor’s tweet.

Then things got heated and really show the biggest problem we have in American politics. Jim Carrey’s response was mean, vulgar and just over the line.

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Some will argue that Trump started it and Jim is only using the language that Trump used in the past. Those people would be 100% correct. The thing is, the left hates Trump for being vulgar, for attacking people and for being a bully. All the same things that Jim Carrey is doing in his tweet.

The left has said the most vulgar and disgusting things about our president, and they hate Trump for saying vulgar and disgusting things. It doesn’t make any sense. Both parties have denounced Trump’s rhetoric, but the left is the only one using the same tactics.

This is a dangerous game and it shows why the political atmosphere is so hostile right now. The left is willing to incorporate into their political ideology the things they hate and fight against the most.

Michelle Obama was right, Democrats should have taken the high ground; at least their party wouldn’t most resemble the opponent they disagree with so vehemently.

Do you think that Jim Carrey went over the line with his tweet?

Let us know in the comments below.

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