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Is Trump About To Put Bill Clinton In Jail?

Clinton in Jail

Donald Trump is having an amazing week. Not only did he win Oregon and take more delegates, he had two huge back-to-back interviews with very large audiences.

On Tuesday Donald dominated the news with his interview with Megyn Kelly which had almost five million people tune in on the “Big Fox” network. The number is over double her normal 2.2 million on her Fox News show, The Kelly File.

They had a positive interview that showed a very likeable side of Trump.

The exchange may have helped with his struggling favorability numbers. Maybe it helped with women too?

Donald then sat down with Sean Hannity in an interview on Wednesday night. During the interview the two started talking about Donald’s respect for women and then Bill Clinton came up. Of course when Bill comes up, things get interesting.

Trump drops the “rape” word and shocked the world. Apparently people forget about the impeachment and the sex scandals and rape allegations against Bill.

Trump didn’t accuse Bill himself, he just said that there were allegations that existed.

You can watch the interview here.

Hillary doesn’t even have the nomination and it is clear that Donald is not going to hold anything back and the strategy might work.

Hillary thinks that all women will vote for her because she is a woman. If it comes out that she covered up her husband’s rape and still stayed with him for political gain, it will not help her favorability among women.

Hillary has a tough row to hoe, and now that Donald is focusing on the general election and doing major national press, it could be that she doesn’t really have a chance at all.

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