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Is Hillary Eyeing Another Woman?

Another Woman

The Boston Globe is reporting that Hillary Clinton is seriously considering picking a woman as her vice presidential choice.

Her short list contains a few women and speculations have begun. The obvious top choice right now is Elizabeth Warren and it looks like she is already hitting the campaign trail for Hillary and attacking GOP candidates.

What other women could Hillary want?

Remember Big Sis? Janet Napolitano, the former Director for Department of Homeland Security and the Governor of Arizona is on the short list.

Jeanne Shaheen was the first woman to be a governor and a US senator and may be the first female Vice President.

There is also Patty Murray and Amy Klobuchar, who are both US senators and possibly Olympia Snowe. Who knows? Hillary is still under a criminal investigation with the FBI so this VP speculation might be for nothing.

The idea of Hillary picking a female vice president is bringing back up the rumors of Hillary’s alleged lesbian tendencies.

It was one of Bill Clinton’s supposed former mistresses, Sally Miller, that first stated that Hillary was a lesbian, but the ideas has picked up steam since then. Even celebrities are hinting to it now.

It doesn’t matter if the lesbian rumors are true because if she can get millions of votes from people while she is the target of a criminal investigation by the FBI then her sexual orientation won’t matter.

Her VP choice will matter, and picking a woman would be a bold move. Even from someone like Hillary that is used to bold face lies.

Who do you think she will pick for VP? Let us know in the comments.


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